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How to Interview A Culturally Competent Clinician

For firefighters and other first responders, it can be challenging to find the right clinician, but it’s not impossible. As a firefighter you will likely be most comfortableworking with someone who gets the job to at least some degree and who won’t be easily horrified by stories of intense or ...
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Book Club Questions: FULLY INVOLVED; A Guide to Being in a Relationship with a Firefighter.

What is the one aspect that stood out about this book?What are three early signs that a fire fighter might be struggling?What are three major signs that a fire fighter is in trouble emotionally? What would prevent a fire fighter from reaching out? What did you learn about how/when to ...
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The Anchor Point Podcast:

Today on the show, Dr. Mynda Ohs stops by to share her perspective as a mental health clinician and give us a few tools to add to our mental health toolbox! Listen here ...
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Positive Connections: So you want to Marry a Firefighter?

Mynda Ohs is a recognized expert and speaker on firefighter wellness issues with over 14 years of experience in crisis intervention and suicide prevention. She is a former EMT who married a firefighter and began her road to her present writing of the book Fully Involved- A Guide for Being ...
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How Does A Career of Slides Affect A Firefighter? (featured in firewire)

Firefighters can’t turn off what they have seen. How long a firefighter has been on the job will determine how many slides they have stored. They have the book on all the horrible things that can happen to people they love. This translates into controlling and overprotectiveness. I’m sure many ...
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